Role:          Art Director
Client:        Vaudeville Productions
Year:          2015

03 . 05    |    Tour Campaign 15 - 16

Derren Brown

Over the course of seven years I've been privileged with leading the creative direction for four sell out tour campaigns from the world's leading psychological illusionist. 


After initial discussion with Derren and the director the brief was to take the visuals for Miracle down a science fiction route - awe inspiring, mysterious but modern. I worked closely with renowned photographer, Seamus Ryan, both on set and during post. Collaboratively we selected the most powerful image from a election of different styles and agreed on the most arresting treatment. 


Typygraphy and composition

After adding typography and effects, the final master design was handed over to a separate marketing agency who create the various executions for ad shells, press ads, bus sides and theatre billboards.


Art Director | Marc Hagan-Guirey
Photographer | Seamus Ryan