Role:          Lead UI Designer
Agency:     Else London
Year:          2014

01 . 05    |    Responsive website

Full Tilt

Full Tilt is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in online poker and is often cited as the place where poker pros play. I joined the Else team to lead the design across its site for mobile, tablet and desktop.

For more information on the project please visit Else.

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Home page

Desktop. Pre-login showing game stat incentives. Individual game tiles have rollover estate showing game rules and user rating scores.

Mobile. Pre-login state.

Game page

Game grid with filter options. Hover state of a game tile reveals game statistics including Player count, stakes, user ratings.

Game tile design details.




Post login, a side widget allowed the gamer to access their vital information as well as allowing the site to recommend new games based on their history.

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Wallet states.


Experience Design Director | Warren Hutchinson
Design Director | Andy Moore
Lead Designer | Marc Hagan-Guirey