Role:          Senior UI Designer
Agency:     Else London
Year:          2015

02 . 05    |    App UI Design


I was invited to participate with Else on a new App for Kodak Alaris. I was tasked with using the recently developed Camera App as a starting point to design the App UI. Working directly into the Lead Designer and Creative director the design was then refined and executed by the larger team.

For more information on the project please visit Else.

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Home screen

Photographs from the user’s library are dynamically fed into digital mock ups to inspire them to turn memories into meaningful mementos. The camera app is accessible at any time - placed at the top right of the screen. Connect to Kiosk button automatically appears when the in-store printer is within range.

Scroll down the page to choose from a variety of premium printed products like canvases, cards, collages and photo books.

Print a photobook

Select the product from the home screen listing.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Choose a gallery to work from, remane, arrange and edit photos within the app.

Order and printing

Choose to print multiple copies and delivery options.

10. 11.
Connect to the in store Kodak Kiosk when in range and print photographs directly tfrom your phone


Creative Director | Dave Dunlop
Head of Design | Steve Waller
Lead UI Design | Marc Hagan-Guirey